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female rape?

today I was hitchhiking on the side of the freeway hoping someone would pick me up. Some church obsessed lady picked me up trying to get me to tell her where i lived so she could take me home. i wasn't goin to tell some glasses freak where i lived so i refused. i did get into her car though but whatever. strange thing is, at the end she stopped being nice and parked like i told her at the cumberland farms parking lot i always go to. i told her i would walk home from there. but she wouldn't let me leave the car until i went down on her. i was fucking shocked, and still feel really violated. i don't know what to do! i went down on her and she was clean shaven, which was even more uexpected. it was unexpected kinda kinky fun. this town is fucked up. part of me wants to enjoy the freakiness of it, part of me wants to call the police...
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