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A stroll in Linkin Park

Sorry I haven't updated this thing in so long, you guys have been so great to me, I can only imagine what I have done to y'all by not letting you know that I was o.k. A lot of you must have thought that I was dead or something! OMG! No way! I'll never die, why? Because I got into a car accident and my leg was amputated, if i can go through that then i can do anything! I went through months of rehabilitation and it was kinda hard but i met my new boyfriend bobby, he works as a orderly at St. Agatha's and he was soo good to me! Me and him are like a plug going to the socket and like he fills me up with his electricity. And its fuckin 20,000 volts of love that i deserve after being treated like a legless person for the past couple of months. people like have said such mean things, everyone who i thought was my friend wants nothing to do with me. someone even asked me when i was going to go and find peter pan and get my revenge! and my friends bought me a parrot! and john came over with a yule log and told me to put it on the stump! So I have been watching Deuce Bigalow a lot. The girl in that movie is understood for being a peg leg, and if she can land such a funny and hot hunk like Rob Schneider, than I can find my own Rob Schneider. And he will be mine! So if anyone wants to send me presents then email me and i will give you my address. I also have a cell phone now. And I have been kind of lonely.


My tits are huge


On the bright side, its getting cold soon so I can go skiing again! I can do anything like I used to


I miss you Sasha and Sascha, you guys are the best. I only hope I can be as great a couple as you guys are. You have been there for me through this whole thing, and I had to tell you that you are the coolest. Rag doll? Thats hot! Smakkin that ass? Like Ronald said, "remember that time when mickeyt and dick went up to the creek? that was so funny!" and it was. It was really funny.
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