The manifestation between Re and Tarded (zorn007) wrote,
The manifestation between Re and Tarded

OK, so maybe i did lie....

After a brief religious awakening with the Satanic Army (ten strong) of The Church of Satan, I have come to an understanding with both my sexuality and my humanity. So I'd like to take this time to come out and apologize for a lie. Its a big lie, the one about my legs being "chopped off" when I really just scraped a big toe. It didn't even leave a scar. I guess I was just hoping for the attention. Like when I did all those people from online (although that one, as well as mostly everything else on here is a real event happening)

- So call me a slut, whore, bitch, retro pedo speedo ass rapist, nobody likes me! I don't care! For those who do, kudos to you. Its not just Dr. Deuss who rhymes.

So I am going to be more social now on this thing. Really build up friends, fucks, party. My interpretation of a sort of sexual perversity army. And not some cheesy dirty ass metal heads who obsess over girls. Its better than that. So lets turn the page on this children's book to rival even the best twists in a "choose your own adventure" reading
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