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zorn007's Journal

The manifestation between Re and Tarded
25 December
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I am one of the cheesy unintelligent glamgoths who dominate the scene. Know nothing about music. Stupidity, Machina. Both have a lot of mass.
45 grave, 4ad, absinthe, adam and the ants, adam ant, after effects, alcohol, alien sex fiend, amebix, ankhs, aphex twin, aqua net, assemblage 23, autopsies, bass, bauhaus, bd/sm, beggars banquet, bela lugosi, big hair, biomechanics, bjork, blade fetish, blood, bob flanagan, bones, bootsy collins, branding, bruises, buckles, camaros, cellophane, christian death, classical, cleen, cliff burton, cloves, cocteau twins, collecting scars, converter, corsets, crucifixes, current 93, cybergoth, dalis car, daniel ash, david bowie, david j, dead can dance, dead things, death in june, death rock, diamanda galas, die form, einsturzende neubauten, electrical tape, embalming tools, eva o, fad gadget, faith no more, fear, fiendflug, forensics, front 242, funeral homes, garter belts, gg allin, gitane demone, goblin, goggles, hating people, horror punk, horus, hypnoskull, iggy pop, juno reactor, kevin haskins, kevorkian death cycle, kool keith, les claypool, love and rockets, march violets, media 100i, medical bondage, ministry, mohawks, mono no aware, monolith, mors syphilitica, mortuaries, necrophagia, necrophilia, negativeland, nick cave, nina hagen, nipple clamps, oskar schelemmer, p funk, pain station, paxil, penis fly trap, peter murphy, petticoats, piercings, platform boots, polaroids, power noise, primus, pzycho bitch, rats, razor blades, records, rosaries, rudimentary peni, scarification, scratch acid, sex gang children, shadow project, sina, siouxsie, sisters of mercy, skeletal family, skinny puppy, slap bass, sol invictus, spankings, specimen, strawberry switchblade, super heroines, synthetic hair, tatts, taxidermy, the birthday party, the bubblemen, the cramps, the cranes, the damned, the mentors, the mission u.k, the southern death cult, tones on tail, torture, uk decay, virgin prunes, voodoo church, wesley willis, william s. burroughs, wumpscut, xmal deutschland