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the beautiful people (repeat)

yawn! its been a long day, but i am still waking up. turns out theres not much i can do about that woman from who knows where and what happened in the car. it was "consentual" especially considering my age but i decided not to do anything anyway, just to have ronfar beat the shit out of her or rape her or something if i ever see her again. almost makes me want to go to church around here i bet i'd see her there. maybe i should just move on from it. as for the war here on live journal, i wanted to thank Kip and Keesha and the others who have supported me through the insipidly stupid ramblings of "attacks" into my live journal by the spooky kids. i bet even calling them that pisses them off, but they have to fight to not be so easy to make fun of, categorise and everything. people like Machina like to refer as the problems of this world in this vague way, always talking about "them" and the "majority" which is a cop out if i ever saw one i'd say. if anything i think i have made a social statement against stupidity. i think i show them what they really are, reflecting that stupidity of them right back to them and they can't take it. well, 'f you can't stand the fucking heat get out of the kitchen. and them being such hellish misfits; i think they should be able to handle it. or is it all talk, vague statements, curse words, rebellious attitudes with no cause or effect. everyone rejects the truth when they don't want to see it. in this case its made them angrier to see the truth of thier own stupidity.
as in Machina's case its more than just denying her own stupidity but denying that her boyfriend is monogomous to just her..
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