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LIFE 2K:2!!!

yes, i am back! its 2002 and i am starting a new leaf to update as much as i can and not ignore my lj! with so much going on in my life, i should have written in my journal more often. but then again with everything thats been happening i havent had a second to stop and do anything! i have learned to walk and get accustomed to the prosthesis so nobody can tell i only have one leg. at first i was in shock trying to go on with my life, but then i really hit low hard and i guess thats another reason my journal entries are so far apart. but now, i think of it as what separates me from every other girl. bobby even finds it kinda sexy. on new years he even got sooo turned on he fucked it with nothing but the lubrication coming out of his mouth. creepy huh? not the leg, but the amount of mucasy like shit coming out of his mouth onto his dick and my leg stump. he had this look in his eyes that sort of said to me that he really does love me. behind the red veins he just gotta
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