The manifestation between Re and Tarded (zorn007) wrote,
The manifestation between Re and Tarded

The lost Girl.

hello live journal! today is the very first day I am writing in you! i should step back for a moment and let it hit me. it probably won't hit me until someone responds in my journal. maybe i will check out some others in hopes to make some new friends. here in delta, the only place to go is the cumberland farms! can you believe that! i wrote this poem about it that doesnt fit with the somber mood of right now. i can feel the wind blow right up my skirt.. and since i just shaved my vagina yesterday, thats quite a breeze.

angels, flying around all pretty
like a care bear in carealot
i only like to hatealot
of the things down on the ground
sometimes i hate myself sulking, unfound
so i find some bum to pound me
was it god who defied me
told me to rip my dress and powder my face
blacken the makeup so when i cry
people could see but not know why

i have to go.. i am getting teary just thinking about it..

better go search lj land for some company
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i fucking LOVE shaved vagina, that is the SHIT you are the COOLest chick in the WORLD. i will blow on it and give you all the breeze you want!
hey.... welcome to LJ.... i did a search on Z28 ..... and never thought i would fine you... purrrrrr......sweet.... poem is a little sad tho... I do write poems..... hehe..... well.... hope to hear from ya... ttfn....

more like search through lj to find someones interests to bite off of...fucking lame
you copied my profile? Thats fucking lame!
listen up you stupid cunt..its soo fucking obvious that you copied my profile..everything exactly to a t except for your nasty interests in "beefy vagina" and shit like that. get a fucking life skank.
um no.... i just wanted to see who also put down Z28...
whats wrong with beefy vagina? are you upset machina cause you are not as original as you thought :( oh tears, cry, cry me that river go ahead.... its ok...