The manifestation between Re and Tarded (zorn007) wrote,
The manifestation between Re and Tarded

The lost Girl.

hello live journal! today is the very first day I am writing in you! i should step back for a moment and let it hit me. it probably won't hit me until someone responds in my journal. maybe i will check out some others in hopes to make some new friends. here in delta, the only place to go is the cumberland farms! can you believe that! i wrote this poem about it that doesnt fit with the somber mood of right now. i can feel the wind blow right up my skirt.. and since i just shaved my vagina yesterday, thats quite a breeze.

angels, flying around all pretty
like a care bear in carealot
i only like to hatealot
of the things down on the ground
sometimes i hate myself sulking, unfound
so i find some bum to pound me
was it god who defied me
told me to rip my dress and powder my face
blacken the makeup so when i cry
people could see but not know why

i have to go.. i am getting teary just thinking about it..

better go search lj land for some company
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