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perhaps vegans need other forms of fake beeef

well, Today i was at cumberland farms (i wasn't kidding people) and ran into an old acquaintance of a mutual friend from high school. tim told me something a little fucked up, more shocking than fucked up. nothing fucked up about it, just shocking that someone in this place took a stand, and will probably more than likely me totally criticised for it! he said monique (mutual friend) had gone to new york to be a stripper until she started a movie career. man, how i wish i could get away to a place like New York. or hollywood. so i went back to tims and we listened to some music while he attempted to get me to have sex with him or something like that. i was like "ew no way! i hardly know you!" so i just let him rub his dick around my vagina a bit. he liked the shavedness! i am so glad.. now if i only had someone who wasn't such a freaky feezies phony... i probably sound like a slut to anyone reading this. well, i'm not! he was just rubbing it around thank you very much! keep your goddamn taunts to yourself, just bitter because it wasn't you! god, i am going crazy, i almost can't wait to go back to college. although accounting doesn't sound like my favorite destination..
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